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Bahama Skin Sun Stick SPF50


These sticks are often portable and easy to apply on-the-go, making them ideal for activities like running, hiking, swimming, or any outdoor sport where reapplication is necessary.


Zero Mess

SPF sticks can make the sunscreen application process easier with less mess and no creams!


Suitable for Sensitive Skin – People with sensitive skin may find Glow Sun Stick preferable as it contains less ingredients than regular SPF and are less likely to cause irritation or breakouts.

Protect Specific Areas – Glow Sun Stick SPF stick is great for applying sunscreen to targeted areas like the face, ears, lips, and around the eyes where regular lotions or sprays might be more challenging to apply without getting into the eyes.

Travel Friendly – For those who travel frequently, SPF sticks are airport security-friendly and convenient to pack in carry-on bags without worrying about spillage or exceeding liquid limitations.


Product Description

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