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Lansinoh C-Section Hydrogel Pads

A new addition to the Lansinoh recovery range, the Lansinoh® C-section Hydrogel Pad helps new mums protect their c-section incision site – minimizing friction from clothing while providing soothing, cooling relief for tender, itchy skin.


Product Description

Padded c-section dressing minimizes friction from clothing and keeps the wound clean
• Provides cooling and soothing effect as the incision heals
• Can be placed in the fridge for extra cooling effect
• Suitable for use on keloid & hypertrophic C-section scars
• Designed to stay in place for up to 72 hours.
• Crafted from LDPE adhesive backing with a 50% hydrogel island in the centre
• Transparent and slim, latex and DEHP free

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