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Pyramid Trek Deet 50 Insect Repellent 60m

Pyramid Trek Deet 50 (formerly known as Repel) is the maximum strength mosquito repellent formulated for malarial areas. With a 50% formula and up to 6 hours of protection per application and Powerful tropical repellent clinically proven to repel mosquitoes Suitable for 12 years+. This mosquito repellent is a great way to help avoid insect bites when travelling. The repellent is supplied in a 60ml pump spray bottle for easy application and repels a plethora of biting insects, including mosquitoes, sandflies and ticks…to name a few! Due to its 50% deet content, the repellent is great for use in tropical areas and is ideal for use in sub-Saharan Africa, sub-tropical South and Central America, South East Asia and India!


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