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Tommee Tippee Heat Sense – Soft Weaning Spoons – 4 Pack

This cleverly designed weaning spoon does everything you need when weaning your baby. If food is too hot, the super soft bowl of the spoon turns yellow to let you know that the food needs to cool down before feeding. When feeding from a jar or storage pot things can get messy if you use a spoon with a short handle, that’s why all our weaning spoons are designed with long handles so you can scoop food out easily. Plus, our anti slip handles make it easy for you to rest the spoon on a bowl without the worry of it sliding into the food. With hygiene at the forefront of everyone’s minds our spoons add an extra layer of reassurance as they are made with BACSHIELD™ antibacterial technology.


Product Description

Heat-sensing technology
Long anti-slip handles with raised spoon design
Easy clean & BPA free

Lower Age Limit
Advisory – Months – 4

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